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ANVILL (A National Virtual Language Lab) is a speech-based toolbox for language teachers. Like the language lab console of old, it's focused on the practice of oral/aural language, but at its core are very modern web-based audio and video tools from duber dot com and the University of OregonVoiceboardsLiveChat, and Quizzes and Surveys. Our newest tool, TCast, allows teachers to record and place audio or video files anywhere in a lesson--in 3 easy stepsEach of these tools really opens up the scope and sequence of lessons centered around spoken language tasks.

Creating media-rich lessons in ANVILL is simple and straightforward. There are templates for audio, video, and image tasks; there are also tools for text-based discussions like blogs and forums. Whether you're linking to existing web content, or uploading your own texts or media files, ANVILL simplifies the process.

ANVILL is aimed at both teachers in traditional face-to-face situations as well as at those who are doing distance or hybrid courses. Its course management tools provide a simple means of enrolling and communicating with students and making curriculum web-accessible. We think you'll find that ANVILL is quite flexible, and permits the kind of extra listening and speaking practice that language students need so much.

ANVILL is a research project of the Yamada Language Center at the University of Oregon. The software is currently in use at UO and many other sites around the US. Thanks to our National Foreign Language Resource Center partners at CASLS, we are able to offer ANVILL to educators at no cost. Here is an overview of its features. If you think it would be helpful to you and your students, sign up for an account (at right). We're looking for language teachers at all levels to use it and tell us what they think. (Teachers sign up for accounts, and then register their own students.)

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